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You know what guys? Seriously, go outside. Before you furries take the time to write me one more essay on why we can all get along, take the time to read the 3 last entries where I said I was a troll. You're wasting your time here, but it does prove my point about internet conflicts. The actual issue doesn't matter; it's all about catharsis.

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You know, I've been reading the 1000+ replies I've gotten here, furrydrama_2, sf_drama and journalfan/fandom_wank, and I'm feeling kind of bad. So many people are writing out these long diatribes about how wrong I am and how people like me are destroying the universe. But, then I realize I didn't commit an offense to the same scale as the reaction...that there's something else going on.

You guys just like to bitch and rant, don't you? It fulfills the ego, doesn't it? Gives it a bit of a propping, much like watching an episode of Springer or clutching your pearls over the Evening News. Your outrage be damned; you're just self-righteous bottom feeders eating up every Godwin I crap out.

And many of you accuse me of playing the 'troll card', as if you still think I'm sincere about this? Best compliment a troll could get!

OK Guys
I'm yanking your queue. I'm actually a Na'vi-hatin' furry who likes instigating wank.

Found another Hater Hive
I rooted out another example of furry hypocrisy. The thread was hidden (cowards) but all you have to do is join to see it.

Alright, furries, let me lay out my grieves with you. Aside from your argumentative assualts, there's too many of you twisting Avatar into some perverted fetish. I've been to Dragoneer's porn palace just to keyword search, and I found some ridiculously racist porn. Racist, because they reduce my race to a cheap sexual kink. One technique of belittling a minority is turning the most sacred of things, sexually, into a tawdry and dehumanizing spectacle.

tirea_sreu, the knife has already been pulled out of my back. Peace requires vigilance, and a peace loving race must always be on guard for the warning signs. I've seen to many of those to remain silent. I'm a lot older than you are, 45, so there's no age card for you to play.

The Furry Files
I'm surprised the furry fandom has not been more sympathetic to the Na'vi folk. They say they share an appreciation for half human/half animal media. Some of them have spiritual beliefs about totems, and I'd presume them to at least appreciate nature, if not live in synchrony with it.

This isn't the case. Furries are not our allies, Na'vi. They were first in line to cause trouble for our movement.

Well, sister Shey'bu has demonstrated how to deal with these types. May her graceful handling of this furry clusterfuck serve as a model for future clashes:

Weasel Wordsmith: The Na’vi are ‘Non-Judgmental’, Unless You’re a Furfag

There's other examples of furry trolls out there. This guy has been showing up in the comments and twitter feeds. Dragoneer, the apparent godfather of the furry porn industry, has also created trouble for my Sisters. The furries even come on our home turf to disrespect us. People who have furaffinity accounts and roleplay animals have no moral basis to criticize us. Their animism tradition extends only as far as their computers.

Na'vi, I fear we're in this battle alone.

Incoming hate
So there's this one poster who's all over me like a Nazi on a Slav already, and it was a good thing I researched her profile and friends because I found this bit of hate. I imagine that's going to blow up later and bring a lot of haters here, so I warning everyone whose watching in advance.

Also, a response I made in an Avatar community that I think expounds on this whole "it's just a movie" argument:

You do realize there are real religions based off of animism and shamanism that the fictional Na'vi religion is based on. You could go worship them, stop being so obsessed about a movie
Avatard.... ur doing it wrong. ~ anjel_kitty

The movie is the modern equivalent of oral tradition. The indigenous people would transfer their theology and ancestral through storytelling. Those stories were mythological from modern standpoint, but still maintained identity in their cultures. Avatar is our equivalent of oral tradition.

The infamous Newsground video
There's been a lot of outrage over this video that surfaced days ago. Warning: it contains sexual content and derogatory caricatures:

Using sexuality as a tool to degrade minorities has a historical pattern. It's another way to dehumanize a race and erode our healthy pride through toxic shame.

I will let tireanavi, our founding Na'vi, speak for herself on this outrage:
Recently I joined www.otherkin.com and created a profile, signing up to the forum (as you are probably aware, especially considering I linked to the website in my previous journal entry). I did so because I was seeking comfort from a community of like-minded individuals. I wanted to discuss everything with similar people, interact with people who understand, and be among people like myself. I was also seeking some form of support, I suppose - my other-ness can be very hard for me to deal with, sometimes.
I wasn't able to find the full thread, but I just signed up to that site the peruse it a bit deeper. There seems to be a great deal of arrogant pseudo-intellectualism coming from that crowd, and attempts to explain our beliefs are shot down with the "troll" slur. I'm going to write an in-depth article on this. I predict this will the biggest stumbling block towards gaining acceptance for our spiritual beliefs. We have to start our civil rights movement on the fringes and work our way towards the middle, but already we're hitting resistance this early in the stage.


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