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Incoming hate
So there's this one poster who's all over me like a Nazi on a Slav already, and it was a good thing I researched her profile and friends because I found this bit of hate. I imagine that's going to blow up later and bring a lot of haters here, so I warning everyone whose watching in advance.

Also, a response I made in an Avatar community that I think expounds on this whole "it's just a movie" argument:

You do realize there are real religions based off of animism and shamanism that the fictional Na'vi religion is based on. You could go worship them, stop being so obsessed about a movie
Avatard.... ur doing it wrong. ~ anjel_kitty

The movie is the modern equivalent of oral tradition. The indigenous people would transfer their theology and ancestral through storytelling. Those stories were mythological from modern standpoint, but still maintained identity in their cultures. Avatar is our equivalent of oral tradition.

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"all over me like a Nazi on a Slav"
Good god. Why is it that you are allowed to be appallingly racist, but we are not?

Do you even realize how offensive you yourself are coming off as?

Jfc, stop making Nazi and genocide references. That is disrespectful to both sides, and furthermore, your forced association of the people of Germany and the Nazi party is sadly misinformed. The Nazi's were a very small percentage of German nationality, and not everyone was okay with the persecution of other ethnics.

Do you even think when you open your mouth, much less before you put fingers to the keyboard?

It isn't hate. It's calling you out on your shit. This really has gone to far, and you aren't doing the "Na'vi" community any favors by posting this. You are just stooping to the levels of people who you claim are 'intolerant' by being just as intolerant, if not more so.

It's impossible to take you at all seriously when you compare a minor internet hazing to the genocide of an entire race. Chances are, if you people spit this shit in public, you'd get similar reactions as you do online.

You look pretty stupid at the moment, because what you just posted to was less about hate and more of a statement that the general public can see for themselves. You'll notice no one, so far in that post, is mocking you so-called "Na'vi."

(Deleted comment)
Okay, I'm going to give this whole Na'vi thing a pass. I mean, some people believe in a giant man in the sky, so why not Na'vi? It's like Russell's teapot, so I'll leave it be. It's really neither here nor there to me what you believe.

However, the Nazi references need to stop, and they need to stop now. I'm saying this as a friendly agnostic and as a sociology nerd. They need to stop first because it's offensive and fucked up; the Nazi plan was to kill or enslave the entire Slavic population. That's called genocide, by the way, and that is not happening here, and it makes me inclined to call troll… either that, or you must be new to the internet. Second, it also makes you look like a dumbass and completely destroys any shred of credibility you might've had. As a new version of fictionkin/otherkin, you don't have much credibility anyway, so I'd recommend for your own sake that you cling on to what little you have.

Unless you are a troll, in which case: A++.

Edited at 2010-01-17 06:51 am (UTC)

The Na'vi are a peace loving race. We do not take the road of violence unles we have been forced. No one forced your hand, you are not suffering.

My disapointment in you grows when you compare these people to Nazi's. How can you expect people to listen to what you have to say if you use slander such as that?

I feel that perhaps you are very young, and have a lot to learn.

Hey Mr or Mrs reasonable Na'Vi? You're cool in my book for this post.

I'm all for tolerating people's beliefs, but you're not winning over cool points by comparing people to Nazis.

A wise man once said "once Hitler is brought into a conversation, it's a sign the conversation is over."

Creating an anti-defamation league is gonna cause more problems than they're gonna solve. You gotta learn to roll with the punches. I've accepted I'm gonna be mocked for being a furry. You have to accept you're going to be mocked too.

Miss Resonable Na'vi! *smiles and bows cheekily*

I do wish that all this nastyness wasn't going on. Especially since the fandom was born out of something so beautiful.

This is satire, I'm sure. I mean, it's too delicious to be anything but. A real avatard would not be so idiotic as to pre-empt their arguments this way, but someone pulling a Borat would be so sly with theanti-semitic tone deafness.

Edited at 2010-01-17 08:57 pm (UTC)

Is it wrong I really, really hope this isn't satire?

Yeah. It's wrong. I just love a good trainwreck.

Godwinned in your first fucking sentence! You big beautiful wad of crazy! I want to keep you in a cage and pull you out on special occasions to show friends!

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